Jolly Grammar teacher training course

The 30th of June in Milano

Luogo: Four Points by Sheraton Milano
Data: 30 June 2019

This is an amazing course to understand and practice how to teach Sentence Structure, Parts of Speech and
the function of each one of them to our young students.
Learning a list of pronouns does not help our students to talk and write properly and emotionally but understanding the function of a pronoun does. It stimulates kids to investigate how a sentence changes if we change a part of it.
Kids build brick by brick a higher-level knowledge. They are conscious about their development and progression.

The Jolly multi-sensory method helps children learn in a fun and interactive way. Jolly Grammar levels supports literacy progression, reading and writing and pronunciation, enabling children to develop the foundation for spelling, punctuation and grammar. The trainer will stimulate you to implement the method with your creative ideas. You willwork through the Curriculum and together you will plan sample lessons to give you support for your initial lessons.

A course that covers language learning, reading, comprehension, writing and creative writing. A very rich and enlightening course!

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