Jolly Phonics teacher training course

The 28th of September in Como

Luogo: It's Easy! English School
Data: 28 September 2019

This Jolly Phonics course will take you step by step through the Method and its application in the classroom. We will discuss the differences between EFL, CLIL and BILINGUAL studies. We will determine the importance of reading and writing at an early age.

Jolly Phonics is the answer and you will learn about the 5 key skills and practice them in group. You will learn how to use the Jolly Phonics Material and implemented it with your creative ideas. You will work through the Curriculum and together we will plan sample lessons to give you support for your initial lessons.

Jolly Phonics it is not just letter sounds, it is language learning, reading,
comprehension, writing and creative writing. A very rich and enlightening course!

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