Jolly Toddlers Teacher Training Course

with Beki Wilson

Luogo: Four Points by Sheraton Milano
Data: 22 September 2019

Beki Wilson has been teaching young (ESL) learners in Madrid for more than 19 years. She currently works as a full-time teacher trainer and literacy consultant for schools, teachers, universities and Local Educational Authorities in Europe.

Course outline:

Jolly Toddlers is a practical-based course that has been designed to precede the formal Jolly Phonics program. It has been specifically adapted in order to be able to introduce early reading and writing skills in a natural manner with the Nursery stages (2-4 year olds).
Through the use of topics, language play, songs, art and role-play, it is possible for Very Young Learners to become aware of how sounds are linked to letters and words, creating positive reading and writing experiences from the earliest stages in preschool. Exposure to the English language using a natural and fun approach also helps to develop and reinforce skills such as pronunciation, vocabulary, language comprehension and acquisition essential for ESL-learners.
Included in the training is a free copy of The Fun Phonics Framework (worth 25.00€), an informal teacher/parent guide that offers weekly planning ideas and activities covering the first 42 initial letter sounds that are later formally introduced in the Jolly Learning program.
This simple teacher guide can be used at home by parents or at school by teachers as it covers the introduction of basic literacy concepts for Very Young Learners to be used over the period of 1-2 years or as and when required, using a multi-sensory approach to teaching through everyday, accessible activities.
Links are provided to appropriate Jolly Phonics resources such as the Finger Phonics story books, puppets and Jolly Songs, as well as how to adapt or use these resources with very young children. Further links are provided through playground songs and musical games which are also covered in the Jolly Music program.
Popular Early Years themes and ESL topics related to the external English exams are also included in the Framework, as well as suggested vocabulary lists, blending and segmenting ideas, popular children´s literature and more than 200 creative activity ideas that can be adapted and used in any educational setting.
This course has been specifically designed for nursery and preschool teachers of English, although everyone is welcome and no background knowledge or experience is required.

– Jolly Toddlers: how to introduce appropriate pre-reading and writing skills with 2-4 year olds without using worksheets.
– Jolly Phonics: Multi-sensory approach to reading and writing.
2.The Fun Phonics Framework (Pre-Literacy Guide).
– How to use the Framework: suggested links to the first year of the formal Jolly Phonics program and age- appropriate materials and resources.
3.Supporting language learning:
– Problematic sounds in English: pronunciation.
– Developing comprehension skills in order to reinforce reading comprehension later on.
– Finger Phonics books and popular children’s literature: developing vocabulary.
– Key words and Vocabulary: ideas for teaching the letter sound /s/.
4.The Importance of Physical Development in the Early Years:
– Ideas for reinforcing fine and gross motor skills using “marking” techniques, finger games and art & crafts. Essential read aloud opportunities for young children, especially in ESL-settings.
5.Age-appropriate Materials and Resources:
– Using puppets with young children.
– Simple, fun and creative activity ideas for home or in the classroom.
6.Movement and Music:
– Songs, rhymes, chants and links to The Jolly Music programme (Beginners).
– Snail Snail (Jolly Music Beginners Level).
– See-Saw (Jolly Music Beginners Level).
– Doggie-Doggie (Jolly Music Beginners Level).
– Hey-Hey (Jolly Music Beginners Level).
7.Ideas for teaching the letter sounds (group work).

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