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Creative Talking Training Course


A story is so much more than a story, it’s patterns, it’s rythm, it’s language, it’s creativity and it is most definitely fun!

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Create a story box

Incorporate a story time in English into the daily routine of the class. The same stories can be told over and over again. Each time the story is retold the children’s understanding increases and they grow more confident in participating in telling the story.
Children are guided step by step through: Listening to a story, mouthing it, joining with single words and acting it out with gestures, props, costumes.
This course will help you understand how to take your children from passive listeners to active talkers. Speaking in English is super hard but telling a story is ever so easy! Children build up a bank of narrative patterns, characters, settings.
They internalize the flow of sentences and the syntactical patterns together with vocabulary.
This course will give you practical ideas on how to build a Story Box for your young learners to play and use independently. Boost their speaking abilities!

You will receive a Certificate and a Story Book free of charge.

6 hours course – 16.00-17.30
11/03 – 18/03 – 25/03 – 01/04


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