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Creative Writing Training Course


The 3 “I”s. Imitate, Innovate and Invent. The key to creative and independent writing.

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How to make the reading and writing experience of our students more enjoyable and accessible to all.

Once the children have mastered simple reading and dictation, they need to be gently pushed into independent writing. Nothing is as simple. Children are guided step by step through: Inventing a story, starting from Imitation through Innovation.
This course will help you understand how to take your children from dictation to independent writing, using storytelling and story-making. Children build up a bank of narrative patterns that they can then call upon when they wish to create their own stories. They will learn the parts of speech and how to innovate them to enrich or change a story.
It is a powerful strategy for children for whom English is an additional language. Children internalize story patterns so that basic plots act as blueprints for their imagination. They internalize the flow of sentences and the syntactical patterns together with vocabulary, connectives, adjectives and adverbs to embellish their pieces of writing.
Motivation, Sentence Structure, Parts of speech, Language Development, Independent Writing.

You will receive a Certificate and the Grammar Box PDF free of charge.

4 hours course – 13.00-14.00
09/03 – 16/03 – 23/03 – 30/03


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