Early Years Music in English Course


A presentation of the Jolly Music program and materials.

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Hearing and identifying musical elements. Language, pronunciation, comprehension, physical skills, social and cultural awareness

A presentation of the Jolly Music Program and material for you to implement it in your class.
Through a repertoire of English rhymes and songs, children learn to identify musical elements such as pulse, rhythm, pitch, loudness and speed. This learning is reinforced through physical actions, creative activities and musical games.
Rhythm and rhymes are very helpful to build the foundation to second language learning in Early Years. A joyful program to develop communication and language, co-ordination, control and movement, relationships and respect.

You will receive 20% discount on Jolly Music Products.

4 hours course – € 50,00 – 10.30-12.30
15/07 – 29/07


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