Jolly Classroom (annual school subscription)


The software enables teachers to deliver lessons in a fun and engaging way to children, using a wide variety of activities. With all the resources a teacher requires at the touch of a button.

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Jolly Classroom is available as an annual subscription per school.

Jolly Classroom is a digital platform for teaching Jolly Phonics in the classroom, providing all the tools teachers need to deliver fun and engaging lessons, easily and effectively. Explore the new home of Inky, Bee and Snake today and discover a whole new way of teaching.

Key Features Of The Software

• Ideal for use with children aged 4-6 years
• Full and extensive year’s programme with more than 150 lessons and dozens of interactive and exciting activities
• Extensive selection of worksheets, templates and games that can be printed and used in class to reinforce teaching
• Inbuilt audio for the letter sounds, Jolly Songs and story option
• Teaching notes and planning guidelines for each lesson
• Choice of print or precursive letters
• Ability to create multiple, personalised staff/classroom profiles
• Fully cloud/web-based platform
• Available to use across a range of devices, from whiteboards (Promethean, Smart) to tablets/laptops (PC, Mac)

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