Jolly Grammar 1&2 Training Course


Grammar has never been this fun!



Did you know that each part of speech has a function?

“I have never seen kids so enthusiastic about playing with adjectives, nouns, actions and adverbs”.
The Jolly multi-sensory method helps children learn in a fun and interactive way. Jolly Grammar level 1 and 2 supports literacy progression, reading, writing and pronunciation, enabling children to develop the foundation for creative writing.
The most important goal of this approach to grammar and spelling is the development of independent learners who are equipped with the foundations of skill and knowledge on how to use words to express themselves.
Our approach derives from the insight that children learn best if they understand the function of each part of speech and that teachers need to provide students with more time to apply effective learning strategies to explore and understand the content. Many reading and writing opportunities to increase the children’s engagement, and motivation.

You will receive a Certificate.

4 hours course – € 60,00
10th July – 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Trainer: Elisabetta Mohwinckel


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