Jolly Phonics Training Course


The one and only. Used all across the globe with huge success!



This official course will allow you to use Jolly Phonics in class or at home.

As the leading synthetic phonics trainer, and the most experienced, Martina Torri offers a training course that teaches not only phonological awareness but blending and segmenting for reading and writing enabling children to read and write from 5 years of age. The Jolly phonics method teaches reading and writing accurately in a multisensory, engaging and fun way. We will establish the importance of phonological awareness, you will be enlightened with the simplicity of the method and presented with the tools and activities to do with your children. This method allows children to work out unknown words for themselves, rather than being asked to memorise them. This is an important step towards independent reading and independent writing. We will approach the 5 basic skills of Jolly Phonics and give you an amazing knowledge of tips and clues for the success of all children. Learning the letter sounds, the letter formation, Blending, Identifying sounds in words and Tricky words.

You will receive a Certificate.

6 hours course – € 110,00
6/5 – 9.00 AM to 12.00 AM
20/5 – 9.00 AM to 12.00 AM

Trainer: Martina Torri


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